How to Create the Perfect Couple Bathroom

Dec 05

Nothing compares to relaxing with someone you love – and the bathroom can be the perfect place to do just that. As a matter of fact, there are many hot tubs and bathroom accessories specifically designed for use by two people at once. In this spirit, it would be good to explore exactly how you can create the perfect bathroom for a couple, who are looking to set up a new bathroom or hired a bathroom remodeling company to re-make what they already have.

Double Ended Whirlpool Baths

Of course, the most and best part of all couples bathroom is the bath – and naturally, a whirlpool bath is always recommended. There are many different options that are specifically designed to be enjoyed by two people at once. These are commonly known as double ended whirlpools baths, and there are many different options to choose from, from some of the best manufacturers in the world.

Double Robe Hooks

Naturally, no couples’ bathroom would be complete without a pair of fluffy relaxing bathrobes – but where do you place them? Traditionally, the double robe hook is elegantly designed to hold comfortably a couple of bathrobes for you and your partner (or anyone!). Complete with premium chrome finish, this hook strikes the balance between functionality and modern design. Designed to fit easily in a bathroom door or a similar surface, and with a 10 year guarantee, this handy hook will hold your robes for several years to come.

Double Towel Rails

Once you’re done with your couple’s whirlpool bath and your relaxation levels is fully maximized, you both need something to dry off. And what other better way to store your towels than on a high quality double towel rail, masterfully designed to play host to not just one bath towel, but two. The traditional double towel rail is the perfect accompaniment to both the bath tub for two people for the double ended whirlpool baths and double robe hooks mentioned above. The chrome finish makes this double towel rail to blend perfectly with almost any interior design, all you’ll need to do is to make sure that there is enough space on the wall of your bathroom that can accommodate a width of 660 mm. These are the types of dimensions you need when designing a bathroom for two!

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Ayurvedic Tips for Back Pain

Nov 27

Ayurveda is a healing system that provides amazing results with different situations. Back pain is among the situations that you can manage using safe, simple and best Ayurveda solutions. It is a general health problem and the bad thing about it is that it can be chronic. Ayurvedic back pain treatment touches on the root cause of the issue thus providing you relief. Incorporating a few ayurvedic tips can support you get rid of the pain.

Stay hot

Cold just makes the pain bad. When you are hot and relaxed, pain relief takes effect matched to when you are up and about wandering in the cold. Heat factor plays a big role in Ayurveda for back pain.

Decrease intake of pungent spices.

Red and green chilies and even wasabi are very pungent and they dry the body. Dryness can lead constipation and lower back pain. It is therefore a best thing to steer clear of the spices that can cause to this to be one of the safer sides of pain.

Keep the body oiled so the skin is capable to sustain itself

Sesame oil can be a best oil to use before a hot shower to keep the skin fit and powerful, decreasing aging and its symptoms as well as decrease lower back pain. Ayurveda stresses on how stress, exertion, depletion and tiredness lead to early aging causing pain in different body places including the back. When you take best care of the skin, which is initial organ in this healing idea, then you will be capable to keep painful conditions low.

Drink Bishop Weed tea

The seeds are the most advantageous. The seeds can be boiled in water and then taken in tea to provide quick pain relief. The herb is very famous and it should not be that difficult to find it in fitness food stores.

Get daily oil massage as best therapy for the pain

It helps in decreasing pain, muscle stiffness and ease the body, mobilizes toxins and increase circulation.

Recommendation: If  you are finding it difficult and its beyond your handling, i did advice you visit a a chiropractor, here at Louis i can recommend some top st louis chiropractors who are up to the task and can help you get things done, if you leave outside St. Louis, you can always visit your local directory website and find contact of chiropractors near you.

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Nov 12

The type of paint to choose for your garage floor depends on how your garage is used. If your garage is used for simple things like storing your car, the Christmas decorations and a few tools, you will need a different type of paint than if the garage is used as a machine shop. The following are few options that can help you in deciding what will work best in your home. Please note that these is very important, as the paint you use will determine how long even your best garage doors and floors, will last in beauty and strength.

Epoxy Paint

Epoxy paint is usually the standard for painting a garage floor. It is resistant to rain, wind, cold and heat which makes it difficult for the surface to chip and crack. Because of this, it doesn’t as much maintenance as other options. Nevertheless, it is takes more time to apply epoxy paint than other options because it requires you to be very thorough. If a sloppy job is done, it will result in an uneven floor.

Make sure the floor is free from previous paint, grime, dirt, stains and any other substance that could hinder the smooth finish of the paint. Most times, epoxy paints come with a cleanser which you can use to properly clean the floor before laying the epoxy down. When you’ve stripped the floor, you can now paint the floor with the epoxy. You must apply it thoroughly because if any section is missed, the flooring will not be even. After applying the epoxy, use the clear coat that is usually provided with it. It will give you a clean and flat surface that will last for a long time.

best garage doors

Credit: Garage floor

Masonry Paint

This is one of the older paints available which can be used to paint your garage floor. It is also known for its durability like epoxy paint, but, it needs to be refreshed from time to time. Also, the floor has to be acid washed if it is cement. Although, masonry paint can be used on your garage floor, it is not always a convenient choice.

Latex Paint

The latex paint you can use on your garage floor doesn’t have much difference from the one used on walls.  However, make sure you get the kind of latex paint that can be used for a garage floor when purchasing. One advantage of this choice is that it comes in different colors and so gives you the opportunity of being creative with your garage floor.

Concrete Stain

Concrete stain is the most basic of things you can do to your garage floor. This is the best choice for you if you are just interested in making sure that your garage floor doesn’t get cracks or chipping. It does not come in different colors like latex paint but it is easy to apply. Though you have to acid wash the garage, after that, all you have to do is to just place the stain and you are done.

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How to Clean Wool Rugs

Nov 09

Wool rugs are a great investments that can last a lifetime if properly maintained. Learn how the St. Charles Carpet Pros handle these type of material and give your precious floor coverings a surface cleaning to keep them attractive and durable in the years to come.


Wool fibers have grooves and overlaps that can catch a lot of dirt. The first step to getting your rug cleaned is: on a good day, venture outside, hang your rug on a clothesline or fence, and whack away with a broom until the whole dirt comes loose. You might be surprised at how much dirt flies free, and is very good for relieving stress!


Then take the carpet back inside and vacuum the front and rear, making at least three passes on each side to catch the remaining particles that were not removed by the blows. Regular vacuuming is essential to eliminate the accumulation of dirty on your wool rug. Do not forget to perform this classic chore in between deep cleanings too.


Add one cupful of Woolite or recommended amount of a professional carpet cleaner in a bucket of cold water. Fill another bucket with plain cold water. Before starting work, try a small part of the solution on a small part of the rug to be sure that the solution doesn’t discolor the rug. If the colors do not bleed, continue.


Starting from one corner, sponge gently your cleaning solution onto a section of 2’x2’ of your rug, working in the direction of hair root. Dampen the rug but do not allow it to get wet; the same wool fibers that allow carpet to keep a lot of dirt also let them retain plenty of water. A wet wool carpet will be extremely heavy to handle and take a longer time to dry, which can cause discoloration.


After applying the cleaner with a sponge, place a second sponge into the bucket of water and dab the section to rinse, again being careful not to soak the carpet. Blot the area with dry absorbent towels. You’ll likely be needing a lot of this. When you’re done with the first area, keep working on the rug in small sections until you have cleaned the whole rug.


Let your rug dry completely before walking on it again. If you’re drying it inside, open the windows and put on a fan in the room to speed the process. Another option is to take the rug again outside and hang it on the clothesline to dry in the sun.

As with every other thing, prevention is always better than cure. Be careful not to allow rugs to get dirty in the first place by ensuring a strict no food and no shoes policy around the precious flooring. With regular maintenance, beautiful wool rugs look great for years, may even become family heirlooms that will be passed on by generations of family members, if they see their good cleaning habits of course.

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How to Use a Downstream Chemical Injector

Oct 20

Downstream chemical injectors are useful tools to have in the application of soaps, detergents and acidic solutions. It gives the operator the chance to apply detergent with a power washer which is a very fast and efficient way to get a cleaning solution to the surface helping the operator save considerable time. And we all know that time is a valuable asset.

There are many solutions that require the use of a downstream chemical injector, because the solution is too corrosive to either the pressure pump or other components on the washer. Since the downstream injector can be inserted into the discharge side of the pump after these components, it allows chemicals to be used without damage.

St. Louis power washer

Credit: Display by a St. Louis power washer

The pump of a downstream injector does not need to work under a vacuum to draw detergent unlike the upstream injector. This is another good feature of the downstream injector. This puts less stress on the packaging of the pump which means that it will last longer before needing to be replaced.

The best place to install the downstream injector is to unite the quick connectors at both ends and insert it at the point where the pressure hose is connected to the power washer. If you use a hot water power washer, then insert the nozzle where the water comes out of the burner or reel. The golden rule is to insert it at the point of the inlet of the pressure hose. This keeps all components of the washer from the pressure of harsh effects of aggressive chemicals.

A downstream chemical injector operates by the Venturi effect. In simple terms, this means that the water from the washer is channeled into a narrowed section in the injector. Accordingly, increasing the fluid velocity creates a vacuum, drawing in the solution. There is still pressure before the injector, but there is a significant drop in pressure after. The use of a low-pressure nozzle at the wand normally allows the downstream injector to run correctly.

There are three things that will make the injector to stop working. The first is the use of a high pressure nozzle. The advantage of this is that it gives the operator chance to adjust the detergent application nozzle under high pressure to low pressure washing. Many find this as a great advantage of using a downstream injector because they don’t need to constantly keep returning to power washer to turn off the soap.

Second is too much pressure hose usage. The more pressure hose, the greater resistance there is for water to be pushed through the hose. This creates pressure and reduces the fluid velocity through the narrow area in the injector. So the injector usually work up to about one hundred and fifty feet of pressure hose before the chemical production stops. Finally, gravity will affect the injector. As the low-pressure nozzle is higher than the injector outlet, back pressure increases until the point that drawing of chemical becomes impossible. This normally starts to occur at distances of ten feet and above, and may be less depending on the length of the pressure pipe.

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Chiropractic Treatments for Whiplash

Oct 11

a chiropractorThere are many different reasons of whiplash. Car accident injuries are the most general, but bicycle crashes, sport injuries, and other accidents are also outcome in similar stiffness and neck pain.

In an accident where a vehicle is side-swiped, for instance, the impact causes the body to fly to the side fast, with the head following the body’s movements. Quick stopping of the vehicle flings the head to the other side, often out coming in the head hitting a window. This can leave the soft and spine tissues in the neck unstable, needing a series of chiropractic appointment for whiplash treatment, or maybe even medical care for concussion.

The largely of whiplash cases involve injuries to the soft tissue in the spine, rather than out of order neck bones. The symptoms of the soft tissue injuries can range from clear to obscure.

Whiplash treatment and diagnosing

A professional chiropractor will ask various questions to verify the extent of the neck injury before beginning any whiplash treatment. These questions may contain: why you think you have whiplash; vehicle accident details, details about your injury, and the nature of your symptoms. An X-rays, MRI Scan or CT scan gathered with a myelogram may also be conducted if the injuries seem harsh.

Treatment for whiplash depends on the harshness of the injuries. A physician, chiropractor or physical therapist may use a range of ideas to help relieve the symptoms and better full spine health. These methods may contain or a mixture of: cold & heat therapy, chiropractic adjustments, strength training, massage, or body machine training. Anti-inflammatory medicines or pain relievers may be prescribed if whiplash sufferers need further pain relief.

It is vital that whiplash treatment is sought quickly if one thinks that may be suffering whiplash, vehicle accident related or not. Sports injuries and bicycle accidents are not forever seem like clear causes of whiplash, but active cyclists should take the time to get whiplash treatment if they think a neck problem has occurred. A chiropractor can develop a treatment plan for any kind of spine or neck injury resulting in whiplash.

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What Makes a Quality Window?

Oct 10

Not everyone can see the valuable things about a window. You only see the glass; however, there is a much more than that. It is the manufacturing, the frame, the warranty, service, and the installation.

When you purchase it, you are actually paying for the quality of the service and the material, as well as the excellence of the customer service. High quality window means it will last longer and save energy.

So what is the clearest indicator of the quality? The price or its material? It depends on different factor. So here is what makes a quality window.

O'Fallon windows


Low E Coating: Most of the people think that only glass can save money on electricity bills, which is untrue because glass alone cannot make a difference as it is not a good insulator. Choose the Glass that has a micro thin coating (Low E Coating) of metal like silver or oxide. This type of coating on the glass can become a good insulator and improve energy efficiency. In any case, the Low E coating is important to thermal performance. Low E coating on the glass makes a quality window.


Yes, Professional Installation is very much required for a quality experience and benefits. No matter how good windows you select for your home; even the most energy efficient window will not provide power efficiency if it is not installed in a proper manner. If you want to keep the house comfortable, prevent drafts, leaks, you need to contact a professional window replacement company or hire a trained installer. Thus, professional installation makes a quality window.


Will you purchase a window from the company who doesn’t provide support or stock parts for their windows? This house owner situation shows up when there is an issue with a window many years after installation and the window is not available. And the company does not have parts for that particular window. You have to think about this because replacing the entire thing will cost you more. Window maintenance should also be considered in this scenario. Most of the professional O’Fallon windows companies provide support as well as keep parts in stock for several years. They are available whenever their consumers need them. This is why, it is always necessary to look for support while purchasing a new replacement windows.


Don’t choose a window replacement company who shows up cloying characteristics. Never show you diffident side. Your own knowledge as well as the points mentioned above makes a quality window.

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